Newsletter May 2020

Dear FIPA Family,

We hope that you and your families, both here and abroad, are all safe and sound.

This year, once again, FIPA helped the French program fund sereval initiatives :

  • 3 assistants were brought from France : Noemie at Coconut Grove, Olivier at Sunset and Marine at Carver

  • A part time position at Coconut Grove for the full year

  • Laptops at Carver (last year at ISCHS and Sunset)

  • Cinemagique sessions for all schools

Our « Welcome Picnic » in August was attended by many families, old and new, and in October we had a rainy yet successful « Parents Night Out » which many enjoyed. We proposed conferences of interest to many parents whose children attend the five schools we help (for example, one that discussed the difficulties of communicating with teenage children, and another on potential future careers). We also organized cultural events such as the “Galette des Rois” and “Crepes Party”, to bring awareness to French customs and have the students enjoy some delicious French treats.

All of these events were made possible THANKS to your support through memberships and donations.

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