School Type

Public Boundary School

French IS Grades

Elementary K to 5th Grade

Number of Students


Address & Telephone

3351 Matilda Street - Miami, FL 33155
Tel (305) 445-7876


The environment at Coconut Grove Elementary

Tucked away amidst the tree-lined streets that surround the charming village of Coconut Grove sits Coconut Grove Elementary School, a cornerstone that defines this naturally integrated, and elegant, community. Coconut Grove School is credited as being the oldest Miami-Dade County public school dating back to 1887, as well as the oldest public school building in continuous use, officially opened on September 29, 1911.

Coconut Grove Elementary School remains a celebrated school serving children from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade, and offering students a classical education and an early start in achieving fluency in foreign languages such as Spanish and French in this unique area.

International Studies

An international program was established at Coconut Grove in 2003. It provides several language curriculums from Pre-K to 5th Grade (“Grande section de Maternelle” to “CM2” under the French denomination), among which a French Program. 

In 2012, Coconut Grove was recognized as a fully IS (International Studies) program by Miami Dade. The program consists of the French National Education curriculum in core subjects and the U.S. program as defined by the Florida Department of Education.

More info about the International Studies program are available in the guide.


American subjects are taught by American teachers who are certified by the State of Florida. French subjects are taught by French teachers who can be categorized as shown below:

– Teachers certified by the French Ministry of Education and hired locally by the school. Certified by both the State of Florida and France, they have also been trained to be able to teach in an international environment.

– Local teachers. Teachers who have been hired by the school and have a French diploma in their field but are not certified by the French Ministry of Education.

– Additionally, FIPA has been financing a French Teacher Assistant since 2014. They’re actually following a teacher certification in France and come for an internship during one school year in the US. They assist teachers in their classroom and all other tasks related to teaching 

More information

For further information like school policy, faculty, ESOL classes, admission process and more, download and access to the guide of the school. FIPA liaisons are also available by email to answer your questions: Olivia Hirtzmann et Delphine Carbonnier.