School Type

Public Magnet School

French IS Grades

Kindergarten to 5th grade (in France- Maternelle Grande to CM2).

Number of Students


Address & Telephone

5120 Sunset Drive - Miami, FL 33143 Tel (305) 661-8527


Sunset Elementary​:
A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

Sunset was selected as being the top Magnet school in the US in May 2013 by Magnet Schools of America. The vision of Sunset Elementary School is to provide their students with a world class education.

The mission of Sunset Elementary is to provide their students with a comprehensive international education through language acquisition and innovative programs, facilitated by a highly qualified staff that will enable them to become world leaders.

Sunset Elementary embraces diversity.  Its multicultural student body is composed of students from more than fifty countries who speak over twenty different languages at home.

A Magnet School & French International Studies Program

Sunset Elementary School is a vibrant global learning community in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools system.  Sunset’s renowned International Studies Magnet Program, the first one in South Florida, was created in 1986 in response to the needs of the area’s international community.


Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Friday

  • First grade: 8:30-3:05

  • 2nd grade – 5th grade: 8:35- 4:05


  • First grade: 8:30-2:05

  • 2nd grade – 5th grade: 8:35- 3:05

Holidays are observed according to the Miami Dade County Public Schools calendar.  Calendar 2014/2015

Pedagogical team

American subjects are taught by American teachers who have been certified by the State of Florida.  French subjects are taught by French teachers who can be categorized as shown below:

  • Teachers certified by the French Ministry of Education and hired locally by the school. Certified by both the State of Florida and France, they have also been trained to teach in an international environment.

  • Local teachers. Teachers who have been hired by the school and have a French diploma in their field but are not certified by the French Ministry of Education.

More information

For further information like school policy, Esol classes, admission process and more, download and access to the guide of the school. FIPA liaisons are also available by email to answer your questions: