Official Speech (English)

Mrs. Vice Consul General of France Rebeca Bourgin, Mr The Consul of Peru David Hurtado-Fudinaga, and Mrs. Consul of Brazil Carla Garcete, Dear Parents, Dear Students, Dear FIPA members, Dear Consular Advisor, Good evening!
After these two complicated years, I would like to tell you how happy we are to finally be able to meet you all today for this reopening of the ANNUAL FIPA GALA.
But first of all, we would like to honor the heroes of this evening: the TEACHERS of the five public schools of this fabulous “International Studies”, a double French-American program in Miami
(CLAP ! CLAP ! ).

FORCENT LE RESPECT LOOK ENGLISH All these teachers, had a great attitude, courage and were able to cope despite the pandemic. Even with the technical difficulties associated with the brutal transition that occurred on March 13, 2020, from “in person learning” to “OnLine learning” – a transition for which many were not prepared, but they were able to do it.
They were able to provide an exceptional quality education as well as the necessary discipline. Bravo and thank you again.

Last August, classes resumed “in person” while following the CDC guidelines that Miami Dade County Public Schools insisted on succeeding. It showed that once again the efficiency of our teachers and school principals is remarkable regardless of the sanitary context.

This program keeps growing, is very successful and the waiting lists are long to be able to enroll in the French program. In some establishments, we are short on staff. Because we are faced with the budget limitations of the Administration to create positions, FIPA needs your financial assistance, your Memberships and your donations to contribute to the salaries of the new teachers with the agreement of MDCPS and to the educational needs of the children.
Thanks to you this year, FIPA pays an “Hourly” Teacher at Coconut Grove Elementary and has provided us with an identical position at Sunset. However, we continue to need your help.

Let us introduce you to our 3 new trainee teachers, newly graduated in France, who, thanks to your donations, are with us for 9 months: Cassandra, Florine and David respectively at GW Carver Middle School, Sunset Elementary and Coconut Grove Elementary
In this complicated time for all of us, we must maintain and even improve the quality of education for our children.

We must ensure that the number of hours of French education is maintained with qualifying teachers.