Let’s celebrate the French Culture at school during the French Days.

Each school with FIPA organized a special Program to celebrate la Francophonie

– Coconut Grove Elementary School :

On March 15th, Coconut Grove Elementary will celebrate the French culture, langage
and cuisine during their annual French days.
All CGE students will be allowed to wear blue, white and red clothing, and enjoy a
French meal prepared by our partner Marie Blachère, French Bakery and Café.
The students from the French program will participate to fun and cultural activities, such as a reading workshop and a poetry writing contest, organized by our partner, Bayard children’s magazines. Stay tuned!

– Sunset Elementary School :

With events for one week, Sunset students will learn about French culture, through
presentations, games, and movies.
On March 18th, all grades will enjoy games on the PE Field. Students will be wearing Francophonie colors (more information to come from teachers and liaisons).
On March 19th, volunteers will come and speak to the students about French-speaking countries. (please contact Sunset liaisons at fipasunset@gmail.com if you wish to participate)
On March 20th, our French teachers will have a special lesson for all grades.
On March 21st, to top off our special week, children will enjoy French movies, chosen by their teachers, and wear the colors of the French flag!

– G.W. Carver Middle School

On March 20th, Carver Middle School’s students from the IE and IS French program will come
and participate in games during their usual hour and a half of French. Crepes will be distributed to them in exchange for tickets given to them by their French teacher. This fair (different games such as: Pictionary, musical chairs, dodge ball, etc.) will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. so that all students have the chance to come and participate. We will soon ask you for help in making crepes and to help us run the game stands. A day full of fun is coming up for our children. thank you in advance for your help.


On March 20th , French Day will be celebrated at ISCHS !
For the occasion, students will be wearing French colors (red/white/blue tops). A delicious French lunch will be available for purchase and ISCHS families will be able to participate in the annual Quiche contest!!

– ISPA :

French day at ISPA was on February 13th. The students of the French program had the huge opportunity to meet and exchange with Marc Levy. The acclaimed author answered all their questions and went beyond their expectations. What an amazing experience ! They enjoyed a French lunch from Marie Blachere Bakery.

We thank our French Day sponsor: