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Galette des Rois Sale

In France on January 6th it is customary to celebrate the arrival of the “Three Wise Men”, or Magi, in Bethlehem by sharing a “galette des rois” or King’s Cake. In the northern part of France, this cake is made of puff pastry and filled with frangipane. In the South, it is made of brioche in the shape of a crown and decorated with crystallized sugar. Hidden inside the galette des rois is a charm. The person who receive the slice of cake with the charm is designated as the king (”le roi”) and wears a paper crown. The cake is usually divided into the number of guests plus one, this single piece being reserved for the humble visitor to the home. Traditionally the youngest child present sits under the table and calls out the names of the guests to distribute the cake slices randomly, so that no-one knows in advance who will receive the charm.

FIPA continues the tradition of the galette des rois by offering each class in the French IS and IE program two galettes des rois. A total of over 100 galettes will be provided at no cost for the enjoyment of the children and teachers. This event is made possible with the support of our partners and our sponsor La Provence, which has two locations in Miami.

In response to parent requests to purchase galettes to enjoy at home, FIPA has partnered with La Provence. The galettes will be distibuted Friday, January 13, 2017. 30% of the proceeds benefit the French IS program and its students. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. 

You can order online right now in the store!

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