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Galette des rois

In France, on January, it is customary to celebrate the arrival of the “Three Wise Men” or Magic in Bethlehem with the sharing of a “galette des rois” or King’s cake. FIPA will continue the tradition of the galette des rois by offering each class in the French IS program two galettes des rois. A total of 100 galettes will be provided at no cost for the enjoyment of the children and teachers.  This event is made possible with the support of our partner and sponsor La Provence located in differents areas in Miami.

In addition, in response to parent requests for purchasing galettes, FIPA propose you to purchase your cake from our partner "La Provence" through FIPA STORE. 30% of the proceeds will benefit the French IS Program and its students. Galettes will be delivered directly to your child at school on January 9, 2015. Online orders are available until December 19.

Later Event: February 21