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School Type
Public Charter Middle & High School

French IS Grades
6th to 12th grades (6ème to terminale in French)

Number of French IS students

School Address & Telephone
2480 SW 8th Street,
Florida 33135
Tel: 305.643.2955

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ISCHS (International Studies Charter High School)

ISCHS is an American charter school.  ISCHS was established in 2004 and provides various curriculums for 6th to 12th grade students (what would be 6ème to Terminale in the French terminology), including the French IS program.

ISCHS is rated an “A+” High School and “A” Middle School according to FCAT results. It ranks in the top 5 high schools in Miami.  Its AP results are 30% above the Florida and US average.

You can also refer to the ranking established by US News.

International Studies

The French International Studies program at ISCHS is unique in Miami because ISCHS is the sole school that gives students opportunities to obtain two diplomas; an American high school diploma and a French Baccalaureate.


  • Middle school (6 th to 8 th grade): from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM
  • High School ( 9th & 10th grade): from 7:30am to 2:30pm
    High School (11th & 12th grade): from 7:30am to 2:30 or 4:30 pm

  • Holidays are observed according to the Miami Dade County Public Schools calendar Calendar 2014/2015


The main subjects of the French program are taught in French while American subjects are taught in English. American and French methods of teaching and learning are very different. Therefore, students simultaneously learn two ways of working, which creates multicultural global minds. 

In 11th and 12th Grade (1ère & Terminale), ISCHS offers to French Baccalaureate students the ES program (Social Studies). Children who want to major in literature (L) or Sciences (S) are strongly encouraged to register for CNED (online education) and also take a tutor for core subjects along with the CNED.


American subjects are taught by American teachers certified by the State of Florida.  French subjects are taught by French teachers who can be categorized as shown below:

  • Teachers certified by the French Ministry of Education and hired locally by the school.  Certified by both the State of Florida and France, they have also been trained to be able to teach in an international environment.
  • Local teachers.  Teachers who have been hired by the school and have a French diploma in their field but are not certified by the French Ministry of Education.

More information

For further information like school policy, faculty, its admission process and more, download and access to the guide of the school. FIPA liaisons are also available by email to answer your questions: Corinne Pollini and Amaya Bernal-Alonso